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Driving Lessons Dublin with Pass My Test

Thank you for choosing one of Irelands Leading Driving Schools to enquire about your Driving Lessons Dublin.

We here at Pass My Test aim to do exactly what our business name says and that is to Pass Your Driving Test. We have a set systematic format set out to enable even the most nervous of people Pass Your Driving Test first time with ease and confidence.

From your very first lesson with us we will be teaching you to be an excellent driver and when it comes to your driving test you'll be ready to Pass first time round.

Pass My Test Driving School Dublin strives to be the best and it truly shows in our results. We are pleased to say that our Driving Test Pass Rate is over 98%.

Call now 083 426 8697 to arrange your friendly & professional driving lessons.

Driving Lessons Dublin Testimonials with Pass My Test

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh got the test and WOW WHAT A GOOD FEELING thank you very very much.Emily Brook

"You have unbelievable patience, thank you again and i will tell all my mates about you, Yeah I Passed ;-)Pam Smith

"Truly excellent driving lessons, i feel so good driving, I highly recommend Pass My Test, thanks for the confidence building." Agneiszka Horgsky

"Such a good good feeling PASSING MY TEST, the driving school amazing, I highly recommend Pass My Test." Patricia Long

"YEAH YEAH YEAH GOT IT. Now why couldn't the last driving school told me those things, i'm so grateful, THANK YOU" KW

Nathan Barber - Churchtown

"As the build up to attempt number 4 of the dreaded test I began I had to search for yet another driving instructor. My friend highly recommended passmytest.ie . They were great, no messing around. They quickly identified my areas to focus on, everything was calm, straight talking and gave constant feedback, both positive and negative. (In a neutral way...unlike some of my previous instructors who were more like nagging parents or ex girlfriends.) Cheers brah!"

Claire Luke - Tallaght

"Thanks to Pass My Test I can drive!! The instructor was so patient and such a great teacher. Would recommend to all my friends and great price too! Thanks again Passmytest.ie :)"

Mark O'Sullivan - Rathgar

"I was very happy with the lessons I got and felt confident going into my test which I passed first time..."

Emma Kennaghan - Churchtown

"I had a great teacher! Really enthusiastic and a great confidence builder! Lessons are great value!"

Jonathon Garvey - Rathgar

"I just passed my driving test and couldn't have done it without PassMyTest! I hadn't driven in almost a year and took only 2 lessons from a driving instructor extraordinaire and passed my test with only one mistake! Every minute detail was covered and everything that I was told during the lessons helped me so much during the test.

**Highly recommended**"

Jennifer Murray - Tallaght

"My instructor was very calm and patient. He was great at directing me what to do. He also gave me great advice which made me much more prepared for the driving test. Many Thanks."

Kathleen Bedwell - Churchtown

"Thanks so much you guys. I enjoyed the lessons and I'm really happy I passed. Thanks again."

Leona - Tallaght

"Having pre-tests was essential for me to help with the nerves of doing the driving test. I found Pass My Test online and thought they were great value for money. The instructor was very pleasant and made me feel comfortable. He gave me the confidence I needed to pass the test. I couldn't have done it without them and I'm very grateful for their patience and how professional they were."

Lee Bagnall - Tallaght

"The lessons were great and the tips I got were exactly what I needed to pass the test. Glad I went with these guys, thanks again"

Ciara Fogarty - Rathgar

"I chose PassMyTest because they were good value for money. After putting off learning to drive for years their relaxed and simple approach was exactly what I needed and my instructor was great. Thank You PassMyTest!"

Sean - Finglas

"Right from the first minute I knew I was going to Pass with these guys. My first lesson was fantastic and it gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. Great company, thank you, highly recommended."

Sinead O'Shaughnessy - Tallaght

"Thanks a million. I found the lessons brilliant, really informative and practical. My instructor told me exactly what I needed to do to pass my test and I got it. Thank again guys."

Ziville - Finglas

"These guys made the test seem easy, I got great pointers and everything I was told I did and I got my test, thank you very much. Great prices too!"

Start Up Awards 2013

Pass My Test is proud to have won the 2013 Franchisee of the Year Award at the Startup Awards held in the Royal Academy Gallery on Thursday 13th June 2013.

This competition recognised the best in Irish Startups and companies from all across the nation took part.

Pass My Test was recognised for its national expansion now servicing the vast majority of the country with its emphasis on affordability and road safety.

Pass My Test would like to thank The Organisers of the Startup Awards, Alchemy Events, Vodafone Ireland, Sage Ireland and the Independent.

Adam Lee - Tallaght

"Seen these guys come up first on google and decided to give them a shot and I'm really glad I did. Very professional, no messing around, it's all about results and getting you through your test and they certainly did that, I'm very happy indeed. Thank You again."

Cathal Reilly- Dundalk

"I got my test first time and it really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Well i guess that's because i got the right lessons from the word go. Pass My Test are Amazing and you should go with this company if you take my advise, thanks a million."

Chris - Finglas

"Great work pass my test and i owe you my licence. Everything was brilliant and i couldn't have faulted the lessons one bit. A++++ cheers."

Gopakumaar T Pillai - Tallaght

"I heard about pass my test driving school from a friend who said great things about them so it was my turn and yes my friend was right, they are good. Got a block of lessons with them and no problem everything was great. Thank you."

Donal - Finglas

"I had a great instructor who showed me everything I needed to know for the day of my test, and with his help I was able to pass!! I would recommend passmytest to anyone who is looking to get their full licence."

Rachel Herman - Rathgar

"What can I say only pass my test know their stuff, passed my test with a few pre-tests and that's basically it, brilliant, thank you so much."

Patrick - Finglas

"My driving instructor was a great teacher and after just a few lessons I felt really comfortable driving. If it wasn't for pass my test I would never have passed first time round. Pass My Test is a great driving school and I highly recommend them."

Sarah Rice- Tallaght

"Thank you very much pass my test. My lessons were fantastic, to the point and only for your patience i don't know what i would have done, excellent work and will definitely be recommending you, cheers."

Sameer - Finglas

"I will be telling everyone about pass my test. Great company, a great instructor, lessons were exactly what I needed and everything that we went through came up on the test. Thank you again guys."

Salim - Finglas

"I felt very comfortable with my instructor. The prices were good, very experienced and would highly recommend. Thanks"

Robertas - Raheny

"Thanks guys. You helped me to no end and only for you I wouldn't have got the test, you made it really easy for me, thanks"

Gerard - Finglas

"So glad I passed my test, delighted. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I guess that was down to pass my test and my instructor, fair play guys, great lessons, great prices, I'll be recommending you. "

Vincent Deridet - Cork - Wilton

"I never thought it will feel this good but haha it feels amazing and yes I passed, thank you very much pass my test."

Ramune Plauskaite - Galway City

"Great experience, thank you so much! My instructor was amazing, he thought me everything I needed to know, at a very good price also. I am very glad I chose you!"

Aislinn Kelly - Finglas

"Pass My Test helped me to pass my test with confidence. My instructor was extremely calm and helpful right up to the day of my test. I was pleasantly surprised when I got only one grade 1 mark against me in the actual test. Delighted, thank you passmytest :-)"

Christopher - Rathgar

"My instructor was fantastic and very clear. He picked up on the things I did wrong and showed me how to fix it. My pre test gave me great confidence on the day and the tools I needed to pass I could not have done it without pass my test, thank you. "

Michaela - Cork

"Thank you very much for all your help and advice which helped me to pass my test. I am very happy, thank you."

Patrick Farry - Raheny

"I would recommend pass my test to anyone, clearly they know everything there is to know about sitting your driving test. Great name for the company, you're true to your word haha, thanks."

Stephen Boyle - Tallaght

"First time test and first time pass and its brilliant, I only got a few marks on my sheet and pass my test helped me right throughout, thanks pass my test, great."

Ian Ryan - Raheny

"Very happy with the lessons I got. Got my test and feels great, the pre test were amazing and it was lime sitting my real test, no nerves at all thanks to pass my test, excellent 5 stars."

Greg Judge - Finglas

"Very professional lessons. I've had lessons before and these came nowhere close to these. I knew from the getgo that I was onto a winner with these guys. Thanking you very much."