Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Transmission Driving Lessons

If you're looking for Automatic Driving Lessons then look no further

  • For some people driving an Automatic Car is a more practical idea due to perhaps:
    • You need a licence for work ASAP
    • Living in a city
    • You don't want the horrible feeling of stalling the car all the time.
    • Being able to enjoy your driving experience without changing gear all the time.
    • Wanting to learn to drive within a few days.
  • That's the joy about learning with us.
  • We will have you confident on the road within hours and with one of our intense training courses we will have you at test standard within no time at all.
  • With our Automatic Driving Lessons we have 98% pass rate so you have the comfort of knowing you are in good hands.
  • Book now to learn to drive an Automatic Car.

"I was up and going with a few hours, great lessons, why does anyone drive manual cars ;-)." Mella Thornton

"Great system, great prices and wow really to the point, it was easy, thanks so much" Ziad Homeid

"Truly excellent driving lessons, I highly recommend Pass My Test Driving School." Geraldine Finnegan