Become a Driving Instructor

Start Your Own Business
Compared to any other business, this business is one of the ‘quickest’ and ‘most profitable’ businesses you can start with ‘very little’ start up costs.

Here at Pass My Test we understand that you are an entrepreneur and that this is now your new chosen career. Time is a major factor in starting your new business. We make sure that we take you there the quickest possible route in order for you to start making money. You choose which areas you want to work in and what hours you want to work.

Benefits of Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor:

You can come from any type of working background to become a driving instructor. Training with us at present we have:

  • School Teachers/Lecturers
  • Taxi Drivers and Engineers
  • Factory Workers
  • Construction Workers and Tradesmen

You get the satisfaction and fantastic feeling of teaching a complete beginner to learn how to drive and pass their driving test.

  • You don’t have any of the usual headaches in running a normal business such as:
  • No Rent
  • No Overheads i.e. ESB, Gas
  • No Staff
  • No Complications

Some of the main advantages of Starting Your Own Business and becoming a Driving Instructor are:

  • Earn €21 – €30 / hour – €40k + / year
  • You are your own boss
  • You work your own hours
  • Small start up costs
  • Satisfaction of helping others
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