Driving Lessons Ballinteer


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Driving Lessons Ballinteer with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons Ballinteer

Ballinteer is a South Side suburb of County Dublin, located in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown in the Dublin 16 district.

As part of preparing for your driving test and an essential part of learning to drive in Ballinteer, is learning to negotiate obstructions on the road.

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We Are Currently Giving Driving Lessons To Students Living in and Around The Areas Listed Below In Ballinteer:

Cowper VillageBelgrave SquareCambridge RoadKilleen Road
Rathmines RoadGrosvenor RoadSt. Clare's Ave.Annesley Park
Leinster RoadSpire View LaneBushes LaneSeven Oaks
Grove ParkLouis LaneKenilworth RoadChurch Lane
Cois EalaArdee RoadEffra RoadYork Ave.
Bessborough ParadeCharleville RoadMount Drummond Sq.Swan Grove

first-lessonIn dealing with any obstruction on the road the secret lies in looking well ahead of you while driving and combined with early and sensible use of the Mirror Signal Manoeuvre (MSM) / Position Speed Look (PSL) routine which will be explained to you in great detail on your lessons with us.

When faced with an obstruction on the road the decision to wait or go will depend on the type and width of the road and whether or not the obstruction is on your side of the road, the other side of the road or perhaps on both sides of the road. You will need to assess and identify if there is traffic approaching and see if there’s room available.

As a rule of thumb or a general rule, if the obstruction is on your side of the road then the approaching traffic will have priority.

But never assume that you have priority if the obstruction is on the other side of the road. We will teach you to always be prepared to give way in any situation so you can always expect the unexpected.

So after looking well ahead and identifying an obstruction on the road using the MSM/PSL routine, first M, check your mirrors to assess the speed and position of any following traffic.

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carS- Signal if it is necessary to do so. Then P for Positioning. What you need to do is try and avoid keeping too far in to the left so that when you come across the obstruction, you don’t have to steer past it at the last second. A gradual change in direction out from the obstruction is the perfect maneuver.

If you have to stop the vehicle and wait, ensure you do this well back from the obstruction so that you have a good line of sight past it.

Then S for Speed, you need to adjust your speed to what’s necessary and this will depend on the situation in hand but try and aim to regulate your speed using progressive braking so it s a smooth and steady flow without stopping if this can be done.

The L is finally for Look and assess the situation and decide if you need to wait or see if it’s safe to proceed past the obstruction.

You will come across many situations like this on your driving lessons with us and it really is basic stuff once you know what to do and we will make sure you know all of the above in preparation for learning to drive and passing your driving test.

petrolYes of course that’s not a problem at all. No matter where you are in Ballinteer or no matter where you live in Ballinteer, we can come pick you up at your chosen location or anywhere surrounding Ballinteer.

We have driving instructors all over Driving Lessons Ballinteer and indeed the entire county. But the best part is, our team of driving instructors is extensive so we have the luxury of having Pass My Test driving instructors from your local vicinity so you will be never left waiting or if you need a lesson on short notice in Ballinteer, a Pass My Test driving instructor is only ever around the corner.

Applying For Your Learner Permit or Full Licence in Ballinteer.

If you need to apply for your learner permit or need to apply for your full licence you can get these forms from your Local Ballinteer Garda station.

Or you can download one from this site: The National Driving License Service.

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