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They are such a good driving school and take it from me you will pass with lessons from them thanks so much guys.

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Driving Lessons Coolmine with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons Coolmine

Coolmine in Dublin 15 is located in the centre of the suburban areas of Blanchardstown and Clonsilla and is approximately 15km from Dublin’s City Centre.

Coolmine train station runs directly across the Carpenterstown Road which has a level crossing for you to contend with. This is something you will come across on your driving lessons with us and we will teach you exactly what to do here.

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We Are Currently Giving Driving Lessons To Students Living in and Around The Areas Listed Below In Coolmine:

Broadway ParkKilpatrick AveCoolmine CourtRoselawn Road
Orchard CloseStation Court ParkMaple ClosePorters Road
Woodview GroveSpringlawn CourtCherry DriveSnugborough Road
Brompton GreenCoolmine RoadHazel LawnOaktree Lawn
Rockfield ParkGlenville Ave Coolmine LawnStation Court Hall
Delwood WalkPortersfieldSummerfield MeadowsStation Court Way

first-lessonWe will only ever take you this road a few times to illustrate road signs and signals so that you know what to do at level crossings. Then once you have this mastered we will avoid this area due to being stuck in traffic because of the train constantly passing on this road.

There are different types of level crossings and we will show you exactly the traffic signs and signals that indicate the different types so that you will always know which one lies ahead of you.

The level crossing at Coolmine train station is steady, with the colours amber and red. When there is a train approaching from either end two red lights start to flash and a warning bell will start.

If you see the lights flashing red then you need to stop clear of the level crossing and never at any costs try to pick up speed and cross before the barriers come down.

Wait Patiently Until Train Passes

As the barriers come down the train usually comes around 2 minutes after this so we will teach you to wait patiently until the train comes and when the barriers are fully up then you may proceed.

If your vehicle breaks down or gets stuck at a level crossing ensure that everyone gets out of the vehicle and clear of the railway line.

There will always be a phone here provided by the local train station for you to use and warn of any danger like this or anything else you think might need to called in.

Choose Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons Coolmine

There really is nothing to this but like everything in your lessons with us you will learn very quickly indeed because our driving instructors are the best in the business and we want you to be the best also.

We will teach you everything you need to know to become an excellent driver so that when your driving test is near, you will have the confidence and capabilities to pass it easily.

petrolYes of course that’s not a problem at all. No matter where you are in Coolmine or no matter where you live in Coolmine, we can come pick you up at your chosen location or anywhere surrounding Coolmine.

We have driving instructors all over Coolmine and indeed the entire county. But the best part is, our team of driving instructors is extensive so we have the luxury of having Pass My Test driving instructors from your local vicinity so you will be never left waiting or if you need a lesson on short notice for Driving Lessons Coolmine, a Pass My Test driving instructor is only ever around the corner.

Applying For Your Learner Permit or Full Licence in Coolmine

If you need to apply for your learner permit or need to apply for your full licence you can get these forms at your local Coolmine Garda station

Or you can download one from this site: The National Driving License Service.

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