Driving Lessons Finglas


A very good driving school with great results and this is why I called them and I am glad I did. They helped me pass my test and I am very happy.

"- Miguel




Driving Lessons Finglas with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons Finglas

If you are looking for driving lessons Finglas, Passmytest have driving instructors at the ready to take you through the paces, ready to pass your driving test in the Finglas Driving Test Centre. Finglas RSA Driving Test Centre is in Jamestown Business Park on Jamestown Road. You can get hold of them on 1890406040.

Pass My Test has become the best driving school in the country with its top quality driving lessons, its affordability, attention to detail and the best safety standards around.

We have driving instructors covering the whole of Finglas and its surrounding areas. You’ve probably noticed the increasing amount of Pass My Test cars on the road and you’ve probably heard of our high pass rate but if you haven’t. Pass My Test is now the leading driving school in Finglas and we have a very impressive 98% Pass Rate.

Students who learn with Pass My Test, Pass with Pass My Test. We have to live up to our name and reputation and whether you’re a beginner or you’re about to sit your driving test you can be sure that you’re with the right company to get your pass.

Choose Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons Finglas

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We can safely say that our driving instructors are the best of the best. They have proven themselves time and time again and will remain doing so under the Pass My Test Brand. Pass My Test has come a long way in a considerable short period of time. We have won numerous awards, the latest being Franchise of the Year award and we know how to do things right.

What we stand for is safety, results and affordability. These are what we bring to you and no doubt you will be pleased as with all our previous students. Have a look through our testimonials and picture slide show. We have notched up 100’s of passes in Finglas and we know what we’re doing and we know how do to teach it.

Pass My Test has built a brand and a reputation like no other. We are the new breed of driving school. We have dedicated instructors in each area that are experts in each area and Finglas is no exception.

Our Driving Lessons Finglas driving instructors are unique in that they get more results than any other driving instructors in the business. They get these results because they are the best at what they do, they know the Finglas area, they know the Finglas Test Routes, they understand what students needs, they communicate like no other instructors, they truly are the best.

Don’t take our word for it, have a look at our results and see for yourself. Try one hour with us in Finglas and you will know straight away that you’ve picked the right driving school to go with.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner, have some driving experience, looking for a refresher course or you’re just about to sit your driving test, the instructors at Pass My Test will set out a clear plan of action to get you the results you are looking for. As we always state, we get results and when you’re finished with Pass My Test we’re 100% confident that you will be passing our names onto your friends and that your experience with us will be a lasting one.

All our students have gone onto Pass their driving test. We have taken 1000’s of students from the beginner stage right to the test with a high Pass Rate. We don’t just believe in doing the bare minimum and just teach you things to pass your driving test. We teach you more, we give more, we make sure that you are the best. When you’re about to sit your driving test you won’t be thinking will I pass it or not, you be thinking how to score the least about of grade 1’s as possible and trying to come out with a clean sheet.

That’s what make Pass My Test different, we make you the best so that you really don’t worry about the driving test. Every student who starts with us soon realises that worrying soon goes out the window when you’re thought the right way. We teach you all you need to know and more to ensure that you are 100% confident 100% of the time in any given situation. This is why we have such a high pass rate. We don’t just teach, we instil all the qualities needed to make you the best of the best.

Pass My Test is an award winning company that offers students in Finglas the best prices and deals in the area. Nowhere will you find the special offers and rates that Pass My Test has.

In one of the worst times our country has ever witnessed Pass My Test understands that to be a leading player in such a competitive business, price is one of the major factors in a students decision to go with one driving school or another. So we have the best offers to encourage people to go with Pass My Test.

We know that money is tight in a lot of instances and we offer a pay as you go system so that you can afford to start your driving lessons.

Best prices is all well and good but evidently you need to get results also. This is why we’re the leading player in Finglas for driving lessons, we offer the best prices with the best results with the highest possible safety standards to go with it.

So if you’re still unsure who to go with, have a more detailed look through our website and see for yourself what we’ve achieved and how you could be the next pass photo on the pass my test website. You do have the option not to put your photo up if you don’t want to, some people don’t like the fame ;-).

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