Driving Lessons Killester


It went really well with no major mishaps or disasters thankfully. All thanks to your driving lessons so fair play and thank you again for everything.

"- Nigel




Driving Lessons Killester with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons Killester

Killester is situated in North County Dublin between Raheny, Donnycarney, Clontarf and Artane and falls within the Dublin 3 and Dublin 5 postal areas.

The Howth Road separates the area with parts of Killester either side of the Howth Road with parts reaching right up towards the Malahide Road.

We’ll Teach You More Than Just Passing Your Driving Test

You need to know that when starting your driving lessons with Pass My Test we don’t just teach you how to pass your driving test.

We teach you that and more so that when you are faced with any challenge on the road you will be able to deal with it calmly and controllably.

An example of this would be teaching you what to do in the case of your vehicle braking down on the road.

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We Are Currently Giving Driving Lessons To Students Living in and Around The Areas Listed Below In Killester:

Dunluce RoadAshbrookHowth Road Sybill Hill RoadKillester Park
The Demesne Vernon RiseThe OrchardClancarthy RoadCollins Ave East
The MewsMalahide RoadMiddle ThirdBlackheath GroveKincora Grove
Clanhugh RoadFurry Park CourtGrosvenor CourtThe BramblingsClanree Road

first-lessonWe will teach you that if you find something wrong with your vehicle as a general rule you should brake as gently as possible and pull over as far left as you can to the side of the road to ensure your vehicle is away from approaching traffic.

If it’s a case that you don’t have full control over the breakdown and it starts to happen while traveling at speed then what you’ll need to do is try your best to steer your vehicle in a straight line by holding the steering as firmly as possible and avoid braking suddenly.

Then steer your vehicle to the far left hand side of the road or if possible get your car off the major road and use your hazard warning lights to warn others.

If its at night or there is poor visibility keep your side lights on and ensure you wear high visibility clothing to help other road users see you if you step out from your vehicle.

Ensuring Safety At All Times

On your driving lessons with us we will tell you exactly what you need in the boot of your car and show you how to deal with this type of situation.

Never stand behind your vehicle in the case of a breakdown as you might obscure the lights of your vehicle and other road users might not see them.

If you’re stuck behind a bend you will need to use a warning device such as a warning triangle and place this up the road to warn people of your presence and make sure you take care when placing this on the road and collecting it.

Contact your breakdown service or call the guards if you feel your vehicle is at risk to other road users and let them know where you are if its something you can’t sort out yourself.

Choose Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons Killester

Avoid Getting Help From Strangers

Avoid asking for help from other road users or strangers and if you have to leave your vehicle ensure you lock it up and hide all valuables.

These are just a few precautionary measures to ensure your safety in the case of a breakdown and this is something that a lot of driving schools will not cover with you.

Pass My Test makes sure you know all there is to know in what driving involves so that whatever situation might occur you can manage it accordingly.

This will leave you feeling safer and more confident on the road and your examiner will see this in your driving test and will lead to you passing your driving test first time.

petrolYes of course that’s not a problem at all. No matter where you are in Killester or no matter where you live in Killester, we can come pick you up at your chosen location or anywhere surrounding Killester.

We have driving instructors all over Killester and indeed the entire county. But the best part is, our team of driving instructors is extensive so we have the luxury of having Pass My Test driving instructors from your local vicinity so you will be never left waiting or if you need a lesson on short notice for Driving Lessons Killester, a Pass My Test driving instructor is only ever around the corner.

Applying For Your Learner Permit or Full Licence in Killester

If you need to apply for your learner permit or need to apply for your full licence you can get these forms at a City Centre Garda statio

Or you can download one from this site: The National Driving License Service.

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