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I would tell anyone to choose this driving school if you’re on the search for a decent place to get you through your driving test. Thanks pass my test.

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Driving Lessons Saggart with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons Saggart

Saggart is a suburban village South West of Dublin City in South Dublin with a population of around 3000 people and lies between the N7 Naas Road, Tallaght and Rathcoole.

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We Are Currently Giving Driving Lessons To Students Living in and Around The Areas Listed Below In Saggart:

CrosforgeSaggart HillVerschoyle CrescentTassaggard Greens
SaggartMill RoadColdwater LakesCarrigmore Gardens
CoolmineVillage MillraceRedgapSaggart Road
The SwiftSwiftwoodSaggart Lodge

first-lessonWith every type of driver starting to learn to drive with us we get a lot of mothers that have young children and a common question from them when they start is how best to secure they’re young children or babies in their car.

Seatbelts are not suited for babies and the seatbelt must be secured to the babies seat where the baby should be safely strapped in.

Instead of a seatbelt a child restraint that is appropriate to the child’s weight and size must be used when carrying children under 1.35m tall. These types of restraints include a baby seat, a child seat, a booster cushion and or booster seat.

If you’re not sure on how to fit your baby seat or child seat correctly check your instructions with the seat manufactures or else bring it along with you on your lesson and we can show you how.

Choose Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons Saggart

carUnder no circumstance must an adult put one seat belt around both themselves and their baby or have them on their lap.

This type of act could result in severe injuries to both the adult and the infant in the event of an accident.

Also ensure that any children in the car when you are driving are kept under control and that the child safety door locks are on. We will show you where these are if you’re not sure.

When using rear facing child seats they must not be used in a seat that is protected by an airbag. This is because in the event of an accident the airbag would hit the child seat with such an impact that the infant or child would almost certainly receive serious or fatal injuries.

All of the above are pretty basic things that must be adhered to when carrying a child in your vehicle but also very important things and this is something we will explain in detail to you if you’re a mother or father that needs these tips and advice.

petrolYes of course that’s not a problem at all. No matter where you are in Saggart or no matter where you live in Saggart, we can come pick you up at your chosen location or anywhere surrounding Saggart.

We have driving instructors all over Saggart and indeed the entire county. But the best part is, our team of driving instructors is extensive so we have the luxury of having Pass My Test driving instructors from your local vicinity so you will be never left waiting or if you need a lesson on short notice for Driving Lessons Saggart, a Pass My Test driving instructor is only ever around the corner.

Applying For Your Learner Permit or Full Licence in Saggart

If you need to apply for your learner permit or need to apply for your full licence you can get these forms at your local Saggart Garda Station

Or you can download one from this site: The National Driving License Service.

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