Driving Lessons South Dublin


hey make sure you know everything there is to know so that the test comes a lot easier to you and their system works …. good work to pass my test and to me =D

"- J.B.




Driving Lessons South Co. Dublin with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons South Dublin

If you’re looking for driving lessons anywhere in South Dublin you have come to the right place. Pass My Test covers the entirety of South Dublin with our fleet of qualified highly trained ADI’s.

More and more people are choosing to learn with Pass My Test and we are grateful to every single last student who decides to get driving lessons with us. Students in South Dublin are becoming more aware that Pass My Test gets the best results in this catchment area and that if they are serious on passing their test then they must pick a serious driving school.

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first-lessonIf you’re only starting out then you more than likely will need to complete your EDT Course (Essential Driver Training) Course. Please refer to the EDT Section of the website.

We have the EDT Course mastered and all our instructors will be able to take you from lesson 1 right up to lesson 12 with a breeze and you’ll be ready for your driving test within no time at all. We deliver the best driving lessons in South Dublin there is. We have over a 98% pass rate and you can see from these results that Pass My Test has your interests at heart and we know you want to pass so we get you that result with no fuss or hassle.

Choose Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons South Dublin

carWe’ve had a lot of students come to us from other driving schools for various reasons but they all boil down to one thing, they’re not getting what they’re paying for and they’re unhappy.

Its easy to move from one driving school to another and don’t let your instructor tell you otherwise. Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest. Driving lessons should not be hardship, you should not be dreading your next lesson. You should be excited about your next lesson, you should be looking forward to it.

Our instructors are the best in the business and they will make you love driving, they will teach you the right way, the best way and they will make sure that the only thing you are worrying about is remembering when you’re next lesson is. But don’t worry we have that covered also, we will always text you to remind you of your next lesson.

petrolThe Rathgar and Tallaght test routes are test routes you don’t need to be concerned about. When we say this we mean that we will teach you everything you need to know to deal with any situation on these routes. We know the test routes and we will show you where you will be taken but evidently that isn’t enough.

We’ll build up your knowledge and expertise to a point where failure no longer exists in your head. So many students have the wrong mindset from the word go and sometimes other driving schools don’t do anything to help this situation so its not your fault. We all dread exams, no one generally likes them but its as simple as this, think of an exam whereby you know all the answers already, you’ve been given the answers and all you need to do is show up.

This is what Pass My Test does for you, we give you the answers, we tell you whats coming up in your driving test, we show you whats coming up in your driving test, we explain to you how to deal with what lies ahead so that when your name is called in the test centre you are confident and ready to pass your test.

Look at our results, read the testimonials, these are students who have been and gone and really are the proof. So if you’re looking for a driving school that delivers on what they say then look no further.

Your Driving Lessons South Dublin Driving Test Centres

The Closest Driving Test Centres to South Co. Dublin are:

Waiting Time: 7 weeks

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Test Centre Pass Rate
Pass My Test Pass Rate in Rathgar

I’m chuffed and grateful

“My friend recommended pass my test to me and she had really good things to say and got her driving test no problem so that was good enough for me. I had already failed my test 3 times before under a different driving school and I thought I would never get it and had come to the conclusion that I was just a bad driver and no amount of lessons could get me through that nightmare of a driving test. Well what seemed to be a nightmare the first 3 times turned out to be a day dream the 4th time around after getting 2 pre tests with pass my test. I literally only took 2 pre tests and in the space of 10 minutes my instructor told me like 20 things that my previous instructor couldn’t tell me in 10 lessons. I’m being serious. Ok I might have had the worst instructor ever at the last driving school but either way pass my test got me through the test and restored m confidence and I finally have that piece of paper that I thought I would never have. I’m chuffed and grateful, thank you very much.”

Waiting Time: 8 weeks

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Test Centre Pass Rate
Pass My Test Pass Rate in Tallaght

Pass my test deserves a mention here

“I think that pass my test deserves a mention here. i just recently passed my test with pass my test and I’m here to recommend them to you if you happen to be reading this. I found pass my test on the internet as they popped up first under my search and liked what they had to say on the website and I like the website also, yes i’m a web designer so perhaps I might have went with them more for their web design =D but seriously I did make the right decision. They lived up to what they said and want over and beyond what I expected from them. I did expect to get good driving lessons but there was nothing left out on what I needed to know. Ok I think I might have had a bit too much knowledge going into the driving test but ok that’s how they work, they make sure you know everything there is to know so that the test comes a lot easier to you and their system works and I’m delighted with their system and good work to pass my test and to me =D”

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