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pass my test got me through the test and restored m confidence and I finally have that piece of paper that I thought I would never have.

"- Michael




Driving Lessons Swords with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons Swords

Swords has grown in population considerably in the last 5 years and Pass My Test has now numerous driving instructors covering this area. We have grown into a big company but in our massive expansion we have not lost the essential qualities that other businesses and in particular other driving schools have lost when expanding.

When a company or in this case a driving school increases its number of employees it generally looses sight of the core business elements that makes a business great in the first place. Pass My Test has yes, grown substantially in the last 5 years but our results and core qualities have remained at the forefront. We are still winning awards and we’re still getting that 98% pass rate and all our students are getting the results and deals that they got when we first started.

This is why we are the number one driving school in Swords.

Choose Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons Swords

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first-lessonSome businesses would take advantage of being able to deliver the best results and then charging a higher price for the service but that’s not our policy. Or policy is to offer the best results at the best prices giving our students the best possible start for their driving lessons in Swords.

Please see our list of prices and discounts on our prices page and you’ll be amazed at how much cheaper we are than the other driving schools. Some driving schools advertise cheap rates and then after your first lesson the price all of a sudden changes. Don’t get caught out. If a driving school advertises a specific amount make sure you get that deal and ask to pay this at the start.

We don’t play games like other driving schools, what we do is give you the best prices in Swords, with the best results in Swords with the highest safety standards in Swords. Have a look at our results and see previous students who have passed happily with Pass My Test.

98% Pass Rate in Swords

We deliver the highest quality driving lessons in swords and it shows in our 98% pass rate. No student has left pass my test unhappy. Our goal is your goal, and that’s to get that pass result you’re looking for.

Students at Pass My Test don’t just pass their driving test, they pass their driving test with very few and sometime if any marks on their test sheet. Most of our students come out with only a few grade 1’s which is the lowest grade on the test sheet. We’ve had a good few also who have had a clear sheet which is what we strive for in each of our students when teaching them.

Its all about doing everything great and not just getting through. We teach our students in a way that no other driving school does. This is why we have such a high pass rate. If a student has difficulty in a certain area we break this down into as many steps possible to make sure that was once a difficulty is now a breeze to the student. So you can see that these is not need to worry with us, we have you covered in every aspect from a beginner to a novice to your driving test.

carThe main test routes around swords are Finglas and Raheny. The test route you pick is entirely up to you. All you need to know is that whatever test route you pick your Pass My Test Instructor knows each of the test routes equally as much as your examiner knows the test routes.

Some people will tell you that one test centre is better than the other one and some driving instructors will tell you to pick a certain centre but Pass My Test will tell you that if you decide to learn with us it won’t matter which test route you pick because our instructors will have you so well prepared that you would be able to do the test in Cork if you had to.

For students who need to know the test route don’t worry, as we said our instructors know the test routes inside out but they also have the best tuition practices and the best ways in ensuring you pass your driving test first time with confidence and ease. There will be no need to worry on the day of your test, our instructors will have you so well prepared you will no doubt be feeling better than you thought you would be.

All our pre test lessons are broken into a system to suit each students you comes to us but the main area stay the same and the award winning teaching practices stay the same, this is how we get results. You’ll be more than happy if you decide to go with Pass My Test.

Award Winning Driving Lessons Swords
Pass My Test won only this year the 2013 prestigious Franchisee of the Year award adding to its accolades giving Pass My Test another seal of approval that we’re doing it right.

All our instructors at Pass My Test have been with Pass My Test for years and we show them respect and offer quality and this then is passed onto you the student. We know that when our employees are treated well, they in turn work their best and the best they truly are.

We win awards because we don’t just hire average driving instructors of which there are many. We employee the best of the best, but don’t take our word for it, have a look at our slideshow, our testimonials, hear from the students themselves and see what they’re saying about Pass My Test.

Pass My Test Driving School