Driving Lessons Tallaght


Just a quick note to say I passed my driving test and thank you and I will pass your details onto anyone I know looking for driving lessons.

"- Paul




Driving Lessons Tallaght with pass my test driving school

Driving Lessons Tallaght

Pass My Test offers the best there is to offer for driving lessons in Tallaght. Pass My Test in now on the go a while and we have grown rapidly to become the Leading Driving School in Ireland. We have gone from strength to strength and things are looking great for Pass My Test.

Why is it that we are now the number one driving school, well the results speak for themselves? We get results and plenty of them. Pass My Test has the best instructors in the country and indeed in Tallaght. All our driving instructors have years of experience and have top marks in their ADI Exams and it shows. You won’t be one bit surprised when you learn with us. If you have come from another driving school and had experience with them then the difference between us and them is day and night.

You will soon see why Pass My Test is the driving school on everyone’s lips right now

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first-lessonPass My Test has won various awards since its inception and the most recent being the Franchisee Start Up of the Year which is a highly prestigious award and shows that Pass My Test is growing faster than any other driving school in Ireland and that we are the best on the business.

A lot of our work is based in Tallaght, so we have the best instructors in the business to take care of our students in Tallaght. Whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate, sitting your driving test, need some motorway lessons etc. we are here to make sure you get the best tuition there is in the business. This is why we won awards, we are meticulous in everything we do and your success is our success so its in our best interest that all our students succeed while with Pass My Test.

Starting From Scratch In Tallaght

We’ve had thousands of students from Tallaght learn with us and each and every one of these students went on to pass their driving test with us. We have no problem is saying that if you learn with us you will have no problem passing your driving test.

We have a system in place, a system that works and its not a secret but so many driving schools lack the experience and the want to even know the system. The system is plain and simple; take every student as an individual, no two students are the same; break everything down for them so that they understand everything in every last detail; never miss a point; be meticulous; make them the best and most confident they can be; get them through their test; have fun.

The above you might think is pretty standard but not in most cases. Hopefully you won’t come to find out but not every driving school puts in the effort as Pass My Test Driving School does. If you learn with us you’re sure to know straight away from the first second with us that your full driving licence is in the bag. Please see our testimonials and our pictures of the happy joyful students who have pass with us in Tallaght and this will be you if you decide to learn with us.

Choose Pass My Test for your Driving Lessons Tallaght

carThe Tallaght Test Route is a nice test route and we’re confident that you will think the same. Some people will tell you that there are some awkward areas, some hairy roundabouts, some brutal junctions but these all become just another area when you’ve been shown how to deal with these.

There’s nothing worse then someone telling you that a certain thing is quite difficult. Immediately your brain thinks it’s difficult, which leads you thinking its difficult and then what may not be that difficult in the first place, ends up being extremely difficult just because of those senseless words ‘this part is difficult’.

You will not hear the word difficult with us, nor will you hear this part of the test is hard or some people struggle with this. No, because this is bad teaching practice and also what may seem difficult, hard, tough to some ends up being easy to others.

Pass My Test instructors make everything in the driving test manageable and comfortable. Our instructors make sure that while sitting your test you have the knowledge, the skills and confidence you need to take on any question that’s thrown at you and anything that might arise on the road.

We know the test routes like the back of our hands so the pass in your driving test is only around the next corner.

petrolAll the Pass My Test instructors have a knowledge of Tallaght like no other driving school instructors in the business. If you’re a driving instructor and you want to give lessons on Tallaght then you better either be from Tallaght or know every little road, corner, cul de sac, roundabout, junction, traffic light etc that there is to know is Tallaght.

This is why we are the best in the game, we choose our team very carefully and we ensure that we have the best. In order to get the best instruction you need the best instructors and this is what we have. Our team know Tallaght inside out and will soon get to know this yourself.

It is extremely important to us that when a student chooses us over another driving school that we can prove to them that they have made the right decision. How do we do this, we do this by getting you through your test first time and if you’re a beginner then we teach you the best possible lessons so that when it comes to it you will also get through your test first time.

Best Driving Lessons Tallaght
The Pass My Test Team of Instructors are loyal to the company. Our business is built on trust and loyalty. Why do you need to know this. Well because when a business is run well and each and every employee is treated the best they can be then they will also treat the company well. How do these instructors treat the company well, they get results, plain and simple. So having a great running business means that from the foundation right up to each and every student the main objective for us is results and its easy to see we’ve got it right.

We have a 98% pass rate in Tallaght and this is from hard work, a great business run well and the best instructors in the business.

Pass My Test Driving School