Driving Offenses and Penalty Points

fine penaltyIt’s a good thing to accustom yourself with the driving offenses that could cause fines or points on your driving license.

You can get up to 12 penalty points and then you get your driving license taken away for a period of time.

Each offense (of which there are 42) have been adjudged a certain amount of penalty points + fines. This means if you are guilty of an offense and are caught, you may be fined and given penalty points.

Penalty points can also have an affect on your insurance premium.

Some offenses have ‘automatic’ penalty points and fine while others can only be adjudicated in court. Also, if you don’t pay your fine within usually 28 days, your fine increases and if still not paid, you may end up being taken to court and face a stiffer fine and penalty points; while if you contest a fine or penalty point charge; if convicted in court, your fine and penalty point charge can increase. Fair….?

Here’s the chart provided courtesy of the RSA.

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