Motorbike Lessons

Motorbike driving lessons Dublin

We offer a brilliant Motorbike Training Programme with One Instructor One Rider.
At Pass My Test we believe that, Motorbike Riders in Dublin need to be above the rest, Motorbike Riders  in Dublin need to be alert and have speed of light reflexes, Motorbike Riders in Dublin are in a league of their own. We don’t just train Riders to pass their test; we train them to be the best and how to be safe on the road. So whatever your level or experience we can help. Fully Insured, RSA Registered, Member of the Driving Instructor Association.

• Theory and Off Road Training
• IBT (Initial Basic Training)
• Mock Driving Test
• School Motorbikes available for test
• Advanced Training [IAM, RoSPA] • Instructor Academy

Motorbike lessons

Motorbike Lessons Pricelist

2 hour lesson € 90
3 hour lesson € 120
Mock Test € 80
Bike hire + 1 hour lesson € 120
IBT 18 hours € 540
16 hours € 480
11 hours € 330

Pass My Test Driving School