Pretest Driving Lessons

Getting the right Pre-tests are key to getting your driving test first time.

At Pass My Test we offer specialist Pre-test driving lessons and courses for all Test Centres in Dublin.

There are a lot of reasons why people fail their test first time around but one of the main reasons is lack of preparation with a qualified ADI Driving Instructor.

Our specialist pre-tests are designed around what we as driving instructors are thought to pass our driving exam which is indeed very stringent.

We have a devised systematic plan set out for your pre tests so that you are thought everything you need to know and more to have your confidence heightened in order to pass your driving test first time.

We instil confidence and competency into our drivers to ensure your chances of passing your driving test first time!

Pass My Test has an excellent pass rate. So you’re sure to be part of the successful percentage when training with us.

Now that’s what I call a pre test, excellent work, you got me my test and i cant thank you enough. ”

Ron Calliff

You put me through my paces and i so needed that, didn’t know there was as much involved but thank you so much, got my test, YES.”

Sarah Bishop

Test route was spot on and I did my reverse around a corner perfect thanks to you, thank you thank you thank you.

Anne Brennan

Pass My Test Driving School