Rules of the Road – what you need to know to pass your driving test

road-signsThe RSA have put together an excellent website that covers the rules of the road.

Apty named, it covers everything you need to know to be a safe driver, rider or pedestrian.

From road signs, observing other road users to penalty points, what to do when faced with an accident and what you can expect from road traffic Gardai.

At we encourage all our students to keenly observe the rules of the road – it makes it so much more easy to a. pass your test and b. drive safely after you have passed your test.

The rules of the roads have been devised with safety at the forefront but also so drivers easily get from point A to where they are going (point B).

We want all our students to enjoy their driving lessons, so knowing the rules of the road goes a long way.

Here are some pointers to help get you started:

When moving off from a standstill position next to a kerb, ensure you check your mirrors and look over your shoulders for any potential blind spots

Drive to the left of your lane so it’s safe for vehicles to potentially bypass you – just ensure you don’t encroach cycle paths or make it dangerous for cyclists/pedestrians

Don’t move lanes without good reason. Weaving in and out of lanes is dangerous.

Only overtake IF IT’S SAFE to do so. Don’t cause additional hazard by overtaking.

Ensure your lights (including breaks and indicators) are clean when you go on the road.

For a comprehensive list, visit


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