ADI Qualifying Process

RSA Guidelines

Before May 2009 anyone in Ireland could legally become a driving instructor without any formal qualifications. However from the 1st May 2009 the Road Safety Authority introduced new guidelines and examinations to legally give driving lessons in Ireland. The RSA process involves Stage 1 – a theory test, Stage 2 – a practical driving test and Stage 3 – a practical test of your ability to instruct. Please see below for further information:

Stage One – Theory Test

The purpose of this test is to examine knowledge of the Rules of the Road as well as general road safety and driving instruction matters. The structure of the test is similar in format to the existing theory test for learner drivers. There will be varying number of questions depending on the categories of instruction being applied for.

The applicant must pass Stage 1 – Theory Test before they can continue to Stage two and three. The number of attempts permitted for the Theory Test is not restricted. All three parts of the examination process must be completed within two years of successfully completing the Theory Test.

Stage Two – Driving Test

Having successfully completed the theory test, stage two will assess driving ability. Driving competence will be assessed against a longer more comprehensive driving test to that which applies to a learner driver. The test will last approximately one to one and a half hours depending on the number of categories being applied for and will cover 25-30 kilometres. In order to pass the test the applicant will have to incur less than three driving faults under a particular heading e.g. observation, less than five driving faults during the entire test, and zero disqualifying faults.

Stage Three – Instruction Ability Test

Stage three examines the ability of the ADI candidate to deliver tuition/coaching to the novice driver relevant to the level of skill and experience of the driver.

The RSA examiner will take you through the administrative procedures before accompanying you to your vehicle. S/he will then explain the format of the test and explain that s/he will be adopting the role of a learner driver under instruction. Once in role the examiner will stay in role until that phase of the test is over (the examiner will tell you when the phase is complete and s/he is coming out of role). If an emergency arises during the test the examiner will immediately come out of role.

There are two phases to the instruction ability test; Phase 1 will examine ability to instruct at an appropriate level for a beginner.

Phase two will also examine the same as phase 1; however the expected level of delivery will be at the level of learner (driving test standard) driver. The examiner will give you a few moments between phases to gather your thoughts and prepare your lesson plan for the second phase. The examiner may be taking notes during these brief moments and this is part of his/her administrative procedures.

ADI Permit Application Form & Information Pack

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