Driving Lessons

Affordable and Professional Driving Lessons in Dublin

Pass My Test Driving School is the number one driving school in the country right now and this is basically down to having the best results and the best prices in the country.

What we do is we get you learning to drive to the best of your ability and we get you through your driving test first time round with little fuss or hassle.

Our driving instructors are truly the best there is and the majority of driving instructors in the country want to work for Pass My Test because they know what we can do.

Evidently we can’t take them all on as not all driving instructors meet our high demands. Each driving instructor who applies for a job with Pass My Test must undergo a very stringent and high level intensity in-house exam to ensure we get the best.

We need to know that whoever joins the ranks of Pass My Test can perform at their best on every single driving lesson and we need to know that they will get you through your driving test each and every time.

This is why we’re the number one driving school in Ireland and this is why we have such a high pass rate.

We’ve compiled some information for you so that you have a good idea what’s involved in the driving test including tips and advice, things to know, things to look out for etc. all in preparation for your driving test.

Give us a call on (083) 8805126 and try us out and see for yourself why we’re the leading driving school in the country right now. You won’t be disappointed.

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