Failed Your Driving Test?

Have you Failed Your Driving Test?

At Pass My Test we understand that there is nothing worse than not passing your driving test and we know how frustrating it can be if you’ve failed it more than once.

Some of the most common reasons people fail their driving test are:

  • You weren’t overly happy with your driving instructor:
    Perhaps you never really jelled with your driving instructor and didn’t feel overly comfortable with that person. It could have been that you tried to take everything in but just couldn’t due to feeling uncomfortable. This is quite common and this evidently isn’t your fault.
  • Nerves got the better of you on the day:
    Don’t feel beaten; this can happen to the best of us. This is one of the biggest reasons people fail their driving test.
  • Getting the wrong tuition:
    It shouldn’t happen, but like any other profession, you will get people that aren’t 100% committed to their job.
  • Not being sufficiently prepared for your test:
    Perhaps you only had a few lessons and need that extra bit of professional tuition to give you those few vital tips to help you pass your driving test.

How we can help if you have failed your test:

  • The good news is that you know exactly what is involved in your driving test now. You obviously would have preferred to get it first time but this will stand to you in the long run. We will prepare you much better for your driving test this time around.
  • At Pass My Test we know how important it is that you feel relaxed and at ease when getting your lessons and that everything you are learning makes sense to you. This leaving your mind free to remember all that is important to pass your driving test.
  • A lot of people freeze on the day of their test. This more than anything is down to your own confidence in the car. We are specialists in instilling confidence and competence into our students through tried and tested procedures.
  • We will go through exactly what happened on the day/s of your driving test and where you feel you went wrong. We will analyse this together, look at your marking sheet and devise a plan on how to approach your due driving test.
  • Usually you’ll find that there really isn’t that much wrong, you just need the right guidance and tips to help you get over the line. At Pass My Test it is our goal to do just that.

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