Check Before the Test

Checks before the Test and on the Day itself:

  • Ensure that you know which Test Centre you are being tested at.
  • Ensure that you have checked out the Test centre several Days beforehand so that you know where you have to park and where you may not.
  • Be at the Test Centre at least 10 minutes ahead of your booking time.
  • Reverse park into your space and make sure you are equal-distant between the lines and parallel.
  • Make sure you have Your Provisional License with you.
  • Check lights and indicators and brake lights are all functioning correctly.
  • Make sure you know all the Technical check Questions inside out
  • Before the Day of your Test you should have checked all your tyres for compliance with regulations and correct pressures.
  • Buy some spare bulbs for speedy replacement. Brake light or indicator bulbs can go at any time even on the way to a Test.
  • Be able to demonstrate all the secondary controls quickly and without hesitation and without taking your eyes off the Road.
  • Don’t forget to fill up your screen wash bottle
  • Switch your mobile phone off and put it away. Put everything else away and ensure your vehicle is clean and tidy as this will give a good impression to the examiner as an untidy car won’t.

These are just a few simple checks and if you have taken lessons with us we will go through all of these with you. If you’re just browsing through our site before your exam, good luck, stay clam and stay confident.

Useful information to help you:

  • The driver tester will realise that you may be nervous and will try to put you at ease;
  • Unlike your instructor, the driver tester will not offer you encouragement or advice. You should not be put off by this formal approach which is designed to ensure fairness to all applicants;
  • While you will be given clear directions throughout the test, should you not understand a particular direction, ask the tester to repeat or clarify it;
  • If you make a mistake, do not worry unduly. It may not be as serious as it appears and may not mean you have failed


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