Your Driving Test Result

If you pass:

You will receive a certificate of competency to drive. This enables you to apply to your local Motor Taxation Office for a full driving licence.

The certificate is valid for two years so get to work straight away and apply for your full licence within that period or you will be obliged to pass the driving test again in order to obtain a full licence.

Remember, passing the driving test is not the end of the learning process; so continue to drive carefully and build up your experience in different traffic, weather, lighting and road conditions.

Give us a call anytime to go through anything of these things you are unsure about like perhaps Motorway driving and we will happily teach you what you need to know.

If you fail:

You will receive a detailed report on the faults which occurred during the test. Pay particular attention to these when preparing for your next test without, of course, neglecting other aspects of your driving.

If you fail it means you haven’t taken lessons with Pass My Test so the first thing you need to do now is call us and this time we will get you passing your driving test.

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