Hard Shoulders WILL NOT Blow Your Car Up


Its Ok To Use Hard Shoulders

This Won’t Happen, We Promise

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For those of you just starting out on your journey learning how to drive, Pass My Test is here to teach you the best way possible, in the shortest time possible, with the best habits possible to ensure you’re the best possible driver on the road.

There are certain things you are going to experience on the road that are not going to make sense to you and its our job to teach you not to do these things and when you do come across them, we’re here to teach you to not flip the lid (go mad) in the process.

On your travels you are going to come across many situations whereby you will be left thinking “why are you driving like that”.

You need to know the reason and usually the main reason is that some people are not fully aware of the rules of the road and are not fully sure what to do in certain situations.

The use of hard shoulders on our roads is something that we need to address and something we need to sort out right away.

We’re going to assume that everyone has been in a car in some stage or another.

Lets Go Over A Very Common Scenario for the Use of Hard Shoulders:

You’re driving along a nice big road, lets say a nice wide road with a nice few straights, lets say it has a speed limit of 100km/h and a hard shoulder either side of the road. Then you come across a car in front of you that’s driving slower than you are.

So far all is ok, there’s nothing wrong with this scenario.

In this scenario you would expect the car in front to safely move to the left into the hard shoulder if there’s one provided and let you by so you can continue on in your travels at your own speed and let you on your way, happy days.

But hold on………what if the car in front of you doesn’t do this, what if the person driving the car in front of you thinks that if they drive onto the hard shoulder to let you by, that they might be causing a crime and that they could land themselves in prison for 12 years for dangerous driving.

What if the person driving the car in front thinks that if they drive onto the broken yellow lines of the hard shoulder, that their car is going to explode into a million pieces because they think that each broken yellow line contains a landmine full of explosives placed there by council workers.

How often have you seen a car in front of you position their car to the left, just skimming the broken yellow line in order for you to let them by.


AHHHHHHHH please Please PLEASE, fellow drivers who refuse to use the hard shoulder to let people by;

These broken yellow lines WILL NOT BLOW YOUR CAR UP IF YOU DRIVE ONTO THEM, seriously they won’t, we can guarantee it and for the very unusual instance that they do then perhaps you’re driving in Iraq or Afghanistan. In Ireland this won’t happen.

If you’re one of these drivers who do not use the hard shoulder to let people by, we forgive you, but only as long as you promise to start using them from today onwards to let fellow road users get by.

Here is what it says in the Rules of the Road – Page 67

“If a driver wants to allow a vehicle behind them to overtake, they may pull in to the hard shoulder briefly as long as no pedestrians or cyclists are already using it and no junctions or entrances are nearby”

Now it does say here “if a driver wants to allow a vehicle behind them to overtake”. Now if you’re one of those other people who knows you can use the hard shoulder to let people by and for just some stubborn reason, won’t let people by, then perhaps we need to ban your kind from driving FOREVER.

Really guys in all honesty, if you spot a car in your rear view mirror that wants to get by. Check your mirrors, check to see if its safe to move into the hard shoulder and if so then position your vehicle to the left,let the car go by and then everyone is happy.

By the way, don’t be one of those people who drives only with one wheel onto the hard shoulder, pull right in if there’s room, it won’t do your vehicle any harm.

If you’re a learner driver reading this or if you’ve never driven a car then these are the things we will be teaching you. We won’t just be teaching you how to pass your driving test first time round and giving you all the driving tips in the world. We’ll be teaching you to be the best driver in the world.

This is not an exaggeration. We will teach you to be the best and you will join the ranks off all the other fantastic drivers we have taught, thus leaving our roads safer, happier and  calmer.

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