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Pass My Test Driving School wants to sort out our roads once and for all.

Highest Pass Rate In Ireland

Highest Pass Rate In Ireland

We’re on a mission to make our roads a better place to drive, a safer place to drive, a more comfortable place to drive and a place where everyone can get along i.e. no road rage

On our blog you will find interesting things to read about. Things we care about and loads of things we think that can make a difference. This is not your normal blog. We’re all about making a big impact, making a huge change for the better on our roads.

Pass My Test is not just a driving school. We’re here for the people in our country. We have a responsibility to the people of our country to ensure that when they’re on our roads, they’re safe.

We will do this by making sure that each and every one of our students who learns with us, are the best possible drivers on the road.

Pass My Test promises all fellow road users out there that when you meet someone who has been with us, who has had lessons with us and of course who has inevitably passed with us, that your experience with this driver will be an excellent one.

Each and every student who comes on board with us soon recognises why we have the best name in the Driving School industry. They soon realise why we have over a 99% Pass Rate and they soon realise how good we are.

We don’t make empty promises like other driving schools. What we say is what we do and what we do is we get results, THE BEST RESULTS.

Come follow us, come join us and see how we’re going to make a difference.

Share in our common stories why things need to be changed on our roads. Read listen and learn all about what driving should be and decide for yourself how these changes can make a huge difference

As always its the simple little things that can make a big difference on our roads so come join our network of drivers, enjoy our blog, share your support for the Pass My Test Driving School Party and lets make a difference.

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